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Cheap International Calling Features

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EzDial Numbers

Register for your Boxytel account today and get a unique U.S local number (EzDial number) for each of your international contacts.
No more long numbers to dial! Use Boxypay's EzDial numbers to save time and money!
Create it once online, via sms or by phone and save it on your phone and dial your friends and family directly from your mobile or local phone phone!

Share my Credit

Boxytel share-my-credit allows your international contacts to call you using your Boxytel account credit.
They will not be billed for the call by their local provider. All they need to do is call the EzDial number assigned to their phone to reach you.

Flash my Credit

Transfer your Boxytel credit to your loved ones by flashing as low as $1 from your account to them!
Use our Flash-My-Credit features to transfer call credit to your friend. Your friend will get a text with the on how to use the transfered credit.
Your friend doesn't need to be a Boxytel customer!

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Make International calls

Send International Mobile Topup

With Boxytel app you can dial your contacts directly from you phonebook. No need for assigned local numbers or Ezdials. Calls go over wifi or your phone plan data. Easy to use
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Send Money / Make International

Calling Mobile APP

You can use Boxypay Mobile App available for Android and iPhone to place your International calls or Send Money
Boxypay BoxyTel
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Use EzDial Numbers

EzDial Numbers
Register for your Boxypay account today and get a unique U.S local number
(EzDial number) for each of your international contacts.
No more long numbers to dial!
EzDial numbers allows you to dial your friends and family directly from your mobile or local phone!

Use Access Code

State / Country City Access Numbers
AZUsa Phoenix (+1) 520-306-5977
(+1) 480-619-6806
(+1) 623-505-1677
(+1) 602-325-4804
CAUsa Los Angeles (+1) 916-760-1152
(+1) 818-584-3402
(+1) 858-384-0390
(+1) 323-205-3398
DCUsa DC (+1) 202-595-9442
DEUsa Wilmington (+1) 302-883-8739
FLUsa Fort Lauderdale (+1) 954-678-2226
FLUsa Miami (+1) 786-472-4255
FLUsa Tampa (+1) 813-441-0940
GAUsa Albany (+1) 229-444-6070
GAUsa Athens (+1) 706-715-3382
GAUsa Atlanta (+1) 678-254-1717
(+1) 770-282-2237
(+1) 404-260-0642
ILUsa Chicago (+1) 630-806-8360
(+1) 847-660-7955
(+1) 312-416-7620
MAUsa Boston (+1) 508-796-4019
MAUsa Cambridge (+1) 617-826-0341
MDUsa Baltimore (+1) 410-454-0606
(+1) 443-320-4567
(+1) 240-685-3421
MIUsa Detroit (+1) 586-722-0853
(+1) 248-413-1581
(+1) 313-344-1560
NCUsa Charlotte (+1) 336-790-9665
(+1) 704-665-1866
(+1) 704-749-2141
NCUsa Raleigh (+1) 919-238-7262
NJUsa Clifton (+1) 862-926-1104
NJUsa Jersey City (+1) 201-234-4439
(+1) 908-502-0341
NJUsa Newark (+1) 973-710-0587
(+1) 732-807-7341
NJUsa Trenton (+1) 609-228-7854
NYUsa Long Island (+1) 516-882-2571
(+1) 631-520-2320
NYUsa New York (+1) 646-561-8311
NYUsa New York City (+1) 917-475-2832
(+1) 718-713-8070
(+1) 347-493-3161
(+1) 646-862-6348
OHUsa Cleveland (+1) 440-869-0545
(+1) 216-912-0077
OHUsa Columbus (+1) 614-453-6240
PAUsa Allentown (+1) 484-463-1261
PAUsa Harrisburg (+1) 717-614-2303
PAUsa Philadelphia (+1) 215-525-0518
PAUsa Pittsburgh (+1) 724-407-1470
SCUsa Columbia (+1) 803-675-0801
TNUsa Memphis (+1) 901-620-0004
TNUsa Nashville (+1) 615-523-1054
TXUsa Austin (+1) 512-687-5793
TXUsa Dallas (+1) 469-718-2769
(+1) 972-798-2326
(+1) 214-245-0759
TXUsa Houston (+1) 713-481-8106
(+1) 281-520-3852
VAUsa Alexandria (+1) 703-831-8862
VAUsa Richmond (+1) 804-441-9783
ONCan Ontario (+1) 647-367-1100
CNCan Montreal (+1) 514-447-8172

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