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Send money toInternational contacts on your phone book.

Pay just about anyone with Boxypay app using their phone number

Fast & EasyReceiving Money

Recipient receives a text alert with code
for cash pickup or a link to withdraw money directly
to their bank account

Transfer money to bank account instantly

Recipient can choose to do cash pickup where available or
transfer money to their bank account in seconds.

And we love Alerts!!

Receive an alert to notify you that recipient has withdrawn money sucessfully

Get $5 Free International call credit on your first transfer

We understand its not just enough to send money to loved ones.
You have to call them as well
Call your loved ones direct from BoxyPay App or Recharge their Mobile Phone

How much does it cost to send?

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Any where, Any timeOnline Money Transfer

Send Money Oversease Instantly from your bank account or
Debit card.
Available International Payout Options: Cash Pick.
Instant deposit to bank accounts
Plus Free International Call credit with any Transfer
greater than $100.
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BoxyPay: The gift that keeps on giving

Refer a friend and EARN $10 FREE when they send a $100 or More. PLUSGet FREE call credit with each qualifying transfer.
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We've got your Back.

Boxypay is committed to securing your financial information and employ proven technology to protect and secure your personal information. We also offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

Sending money with Boxypay is easy.

Boxypay allows you to send money worldwide to friends and family in 38 countries from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. We also offer convenient ways for your loved ones to receive their money. Plus, track your transactions with text updates, email notifications, and online access from your PC or mobile device. ​Boxypay representatives are available by email 24/7 - [email protected] ​to make sending funds to loved ones fast and simple.

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