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General Questions

Sending Money

  • How can I send money with BoxyPay?

    There are two methods:

    • Via prepaid voucher at one of our participating merchant locations.
    • Via debit card transaction online at our website or at one of our participating merchant locations.
  • What currencies am I allowed to transfer through BoxyPay?

    Your money will be received in United States dollars (USD) and transferred into designated country currency. We do not payout in USD.

  • How much money can I send?

    When you first register with Boxypay.com you will be able to send up to $999 within a 24-hour period, and up to $6,999 every 180 days. To increase your sending limit just follow the instruction below.

    Per Transaction Limit 24 Hours 30 Days 180 Days
    Starter Level $999 $999 $3999 $6999
    Default Limits
    Level - 1 $2999 $2999 $6000 $9999
    Add and Verify a debit card
    Level - 2 $3999 $7999 $9999 $25000
    Complete identity verification *Complete Verification
    Level - 3 $4999 $9999 $25000 $60000
    Provide us with
    - Proof of residency
    - Proof of Income
    - Completed Questionnaire Form
    *complete verification require providing last four of ssn and dob and address
    If these limits do not satisfy your sending needs please contact us to discuss custom sending limits.
  • Why isn't my country listed as an option?

    We are rapidly expanding to other countries. We will email you when we add more countries.

  • When can i see my transaction confirmation?

    As soon as the transfer is paid, we’ll display the receipt on your BoxyPay account (online or in the mobile app) and if you provided an email, we will send you a copy via email.

Receiving Money

  • How will my family and friends receive the funds of the transfer?

    We offer the following three receiving options:

    • Cash pick up: The receiver will need to show the transfer number and a government issued ID at the pick up location. The transfer code will be displayed in your transaction receipt. Also, we will send him/her a text message (SMS) with the transfer number if a mobile number was entered in the receiver profile. Please be aware that cash pick up is not available at all locations.
    • Direct deposit: You’ll need to enter the receiver’s bank account information and we will deposit the funds directly into his/her account.
  • What currency will the money I receive be in?

    Your receiver will collect transfer in their local currency.

  • What is the exchange rate of my transfer?

    We will always display the exchange rate that applies to your transfer before you pay for it. You will always know the amount in local currency that your receiver will collect!.

  • How many days does the receiver have to collect the money ?

    The receiver has 45 days to pick up the transfer in cash. Otherwise, we will automatically cancel the transaction and the funds (less transfer fee) will be credited back to the card used to pay for the transfer.

  • If the receiver is busy, can someone else collect in his/her behalf?

    No. The receiver information in your account has to match the ID of the person picking up the cash.

Account Management

  • How do I change my password?

    Please navigate to the Account Settings section in your account and select Change Password. You will be prompted to enter your original password and PIN before being allowed to change your password. An email will also be sent to you directly to notify you of such change.

  • Can I view a record of my previous transactions?

    Absolutely! Please go to Transaction History on your account. You will have several options to sort and filter through your previous transactions.

  • I see 2 balances on my profile. What does that mean?

    BoxyPay balance is your money transfer balance while your BoxyTel is your international calling card balance. We will give you FREE $5 international calling credit on your first transfer of over $100! You can transfer funds from your BoxyPay balance into your BoxyTel balance to make international calls. Boxytel to BoxyPay balance transfer is not allowed.

Cancelling Transfers

Privacy and Security

  • Is the BoxyPay app and website secure?

    Absolutely! We utilize bank grade security and ensure all accounts must go through a 2-step authentication system of password and PIN before you are allowed to successfully log in.

  • Does Payrion share or sell my information with any 3rd party vendors?

    Payrion does not sell any customer information. The only time we share your information with third parties is when required by our partners to process your transactions or when required to comply with applicable law, statutes, and regulations. If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, remember you can call us at any time at 413-351-2938.

  • How do I know my transfer has been paid?

    You can track the status of your transactions at any time! Just go to your dashboard, you can view the status of all your transfers while there . We update transfer information in real time!

Boxypay Promotions

  • Are there any promotions or referral programs?

    Yes! You get a FREE $5 international calling card on your first qualifying (minimum of $100) transfer. Each time you refer a friend, you get another $5 free international card on their first qualifying transfer. There are no limits to how much calling credits you can get..

  • What should I do if i have a complaint about Payrion?

    If you have a complaint about a transaction on our website or mobile application, please contact us directly at this number 413-351-2938 or via email [email protected] If you feel our complaint resolution is not satisfactory and you need further help, please call the Department of Banking and Finance at 1-800-436-7442 or http://dbf.georgia.gov for the state of Georgia.

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